Our Achievements - Highlights

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February 24th- Assisted Ian Smith, Department of Tourism and Culture, in a snowshoe activity day in Mt Carleton Park. Article in Victoria Star

March 7-8- Participated in an information and sharing of ideas with "Friends of" groups from Sugarloaf and Mactaquac. Very informative and made plans to buy backpacks for Mt Carleton Park and submit grant applications as a result of sessions.

March- Submitted a grant application and received funding to purchase 15 pairs of snowshoes for use by different groups in the park ie School Outdoor Pursuit classes

April 9th- Assisted Ian Smith, Department of Tourism and Culture, with a x-country skiing and activity day at Tobique Valley Middle high School. Published article in Victoria Star

May29- Loon count on Bathurst and Camp Lakes. We found a loon's nest and egg on Bathurst Lake and sighted 4 loons on Bathurst Lake. no loons on Camp Lake which has motor boat traffic, for the fourth year in a row.

June 4th- Paddled and climbed Mount Sagamook with" A for Adventure" group as well as NB Parks representatives. Submitted a newspaper article and photos on the day.

June: Purchased backpacks and stocked them with binoculars, magnifying glasses, bug keepers, notebooks, Field guides to Animal tracks, Insects and Pond Life etc We purchased these knapsacks for the Mount Carleton Park Interpreter to lend to young visitors to the park, making it possible for them to explore Mount Carleton Park in a different way

June 24th- 2nd loon count on Bathurst Lake, we had to abandon Camp Lake count due to high winds and rough water

July: Entered into negotiations with the Department of Tourism and Park,s to seek permission and funding to put a Memorial Bench and Memorial Tree at the Thoroughfare in the Park, to commemorate and honour all the past Friends who have supported us.

Scheduled Events: August 2: 2015 Canoe Kayak Day at Nictau Lake August 8: Guided Hike with Jim Goltz

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