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Who Are the Friends?

photo of the Friends of Mount Carleton

Executive of The Friends of Mount Carleton Park Inc.

Susan Mulherin, President
Linda Robertson, Vice President
Bill Miller, Secretary
Gabriel LeBel, Treasurer




Our Mission

photo of the Friends of Mount CarletonThe Friends of Mount Carleton Park works in collaboration with the Province of New Brunswick, Department of Tourism and Parks and/or any of its successors in the management and stewardship of Mount Carleton Provincial Park by promoting, supplementing, and enhancing the programs, facilities, and resources of the Park.





Our Goals

  1. Solidify organizational structure and membership of the Friends of Mount Carleton.
  2. Promote the unique natural and historical attributes of the park.
  3. Identify and access funding sources to finance our nature oriented programs and activities.
  4. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the park.
  5. Develop a strong relationship with park staff and with the men and women who live and work in the surrounding communities.

Our Achievements

Learn about our recent achievements here.

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