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photo of Nictau Lake

Mount Carleton Provincial Park gates will open May 15th.
The campground opens May 21st.
Cabin rentals are available June 8th.

Many people from the local area come to the park just for the day. The Recreation Area at the western end of Nictau Lake offers numerous barbecue grills, fire rings, shelter, and a play area.

This is a favorite spot for Sunday afternoon picnics. The view of Mount Sagamook is awesome. Another popular picnic area is at Inlet Brook on Bathurst Lake, which also features a boat launch.

If you enjoy swimming, the unsupervised beach at Armstrong Brook Campground is a favorite spot amongst day-users. There are canoe docks nearby.

If biking is your thing, the 18 kilometre circuit around Nictau Lake is the ideal spot for you. This is a very picturesque route so bring your camera and binoculars. From the Armstrong Brook Campground gate, head east on the main road. If time permits, stop at the Williams Brook Trail. The road is wider on the northern side of the lake than it is on the southern side.

Turn right at the fork that leads to Bathurst Lake. On the south side, notice how the trees embrace the side of the road forming an overarching leaf canopy from side to side.

This canopy will protect you from the sun, and make for a cooler, more enjoyable ride in the heat of the summer. Watch for grouse, moose, fox and other wildlife as you bike. A tire repair kit is sometimes handy. Bring some water and a snack.

Hike one of the walking trails in the park .

Photo of people canoeingIf canoeing/kayaking is what you enjoy most, there is a well-marked boat/canoe launch off the road leading to the Armstrong Brook Campground. A nice relaxing trip across the lake and back takes 2 to 3 hours by canoe, shorter if you are kayaking.

Best times are early mornings or evenings. Winds can be quite gusty in-between those periods so you may have to hug the shoreline coming back if you get caught in a strong headwind. The Nepisiquit Lakes are also a good spot for canoeing/kayaking.

If you did not bring any equipment with you, but would like to rent a canoe/kayak, please check with the staff at the Visitor Centre. They may be able to advise you on where to rent some of this equipment.

photo of a foxCanoes have traditionally been available for rent at the Riley Brook general store, a 30 minute drive from the park.

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